• 6 weeks – The TMB Part (1)

    Bad people dont walk. Carol, Matilde, and 8 year old Enzo, who was named after my favorite movie, The Big Blue. We met them somewhere near the Col du Bonhomme, and then ate dinner with them at the Refuge de la croix. Carol was a mid-mountain guide in a nearby valley, who had taken a [...]

    ::Leaving Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme::
  • 6 weeks – The Paris Part

    We’re 1 week into this thing. Paris was a five day blur of the senses. Food. Smells. Lights. Mostly food. We even made friends! Well we met friends of Nate’s from his trip to the Phillipines. But our first night, we sat under the Eiffel Tower, like probably so many hill jack, dumbstruck foreigners do, [...]

  • Refinery29 came to my house

    Talkin bout beauty products…. trying not to sound like an asshole (which is hard when you’re asked to talk about beauty products) Photos by Heather Talbert who is a dream and felt like a cool buddy with green hair just hanging out in my house for a few hours. I already want to change my [...]

  • Peas ‘n Carrots – Robbie Fulks & Me

    tonight… come see Robbie and I sing a bunch of strange duets….

  • P4K 2013

    Ross and I go to Pitchfork and talk to artists and stuff I guess! Yay! Thanks to all these FANTASTIC artists and bands for putting up with our dumb bits     Music by Tree “White Girls” (prod. by Bobby Johnson) http://snd.sc/135sX0c Download Sunday School II:When Church Lets Out: we.tl/XN3CMAqUaa Staring Tawny Newsome and Ross Bryant [...]

  • Too Philosophical Pop Song

    Inspired by damn near every pop song of the last few years that seems to be drawing all of it’s content from being EPIC and MEANINGFUL and in AWE of LIFE and just ever so vaguely EXISTENTIAL. Why be vague. Let’s really get to it. Nietzsche, Hobbes, John Locke, David Hume… they are as fine [...]

  • Album Release Party… pics and vids

    This party was amazing. Thanks to Nancy Bardawil for loaning her incredible space. I hope we left it clean enough for her.   Some pics below by the fantastic Todd Rosenberg. The rest can be found on facebook.com/tawnynewsomemusic   And a couple videos at the bottom of the post. Adrian mixes them strong-ass margaritas. Twas [...]

  • Pitchfork, Daughn Gibson, Leon Russell, etc…

    Listening to Daughn Gibson. I’m new to him…. it’s really, really lovely, strange, haunting, catchy?, work that he does. Maybe it isn’t all that catchy. But it’s definitely cool as… all hell. He plays Friday at pitchfork, and I’m definitely going to catch his set… I gotta see how he does it. I’ve been lamenting [...]

  • Slow but sorta sure…

    With writing the new mainstage show, album progress has definitely slowed to a thick and syrupy-sweet pace. It’s great, however. I was moving at crazy lightning speed–and for probably, zero reasons.  I always have to remember that with music it’s better to slow down and just, notice shit. (I keep listening to this track and [...]

  • Roger Knox – Koorie King of Country

    Bloodshot page for Roger. http://bloodshotrecords.net/knoxsongs/ With some nice quotes about the project from a few of the other musicians.

  • No, but really…

    I am getting so excited for these tunes to be done. There are a lot of people to thank for helping me get where I am with everything…. and I think once it’s done and once my schedule is a little more clear we’ll have a party/release show for everyone who was involved. MONDAY NITE [...]

  • Baldwin pt 2

      This album is nearly done. Just need to finish a bit of recording and mix. Here’s a rough mix of one of my favorites so far. To recap, the whole plan was to just record a bunch of covers with my favorite musician pals. 10, to be exact. Pick ten songs to play with [...]

  • Junk of the Hearts

    What’s the last Cardigans track you listened to? Change that. Make it this one.

  • Girlfriend is Better

    …Is my least favorite Talking Heads song. Maybe not out of their entire canon, but definitely my least favorite track from Stop Making Sense. The lyrics are weird and repetitive, it’s boring to sing, the music is awkward (and not in that good-awkward, david-byrne’s-a-weirdo-genius kind of way). HOWEVER. Being my least favorite tune, it’s still [...]

    Once in a Lifetime
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